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Shapeshift exchange is one of the most convenient ways to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Since 2013, Shapeshift has allowed crypto-to-crypto exchanges without users having to submit their names or emails. For these users, it's a great anonymous crypto buying method.

Fortunately in United States, you can buy Shapeshift FOX Token on Coinbase's centralized exchange. Coinbase is the most trusted place for people and businesses to buy, sell, and manage Shapeshift FOX Token. It's quick and easy.
Combined with our current wallet and chain support, users can seamlessly interact with aggregated DeFi protocols in a non-custodial, free and decentralized way. Get started with a ShapeShift Wallet — no hardware required.
While ShapeShift is currently considered to be a safe crypto exchange, it has some history with security breaches. However, the breach that this company experienced isn't exactly the same as most other breaches that happen with different exchanges. ShapeShift's security was breached by an employee within the company.